Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital

In affiliation with HFWyandotte Hospital, our students have been actively engaged in non-paid volunteer work based learning since 1989. Typically, the hospital class is the first full day work site based learning experience for students after their completion of vocational training at Josephine Brighton. Students experience work in three main areas of the hospital: Food Service, Clerical work and Housekeeping. Usually, students rotate assignments quarterly. They may complete tasks in the following departments: Cardio-Vascular Services, Pharmacy, Kitchen, Food Storage, Housekeeping in Lobbies, Cafeteria, Physical Therapy Rehab, Central Distribution, Linens Department, and Respiratory Therapy. Presently, twenty-eight students attend the hospital class under the supervision of two teachers and three paraprofessionals. We are fortunate to have an extremely supportive hospital staff striving to maximize student's learning while at the hospital.

Our typical Monday through Friday schedule is to arrive at the hospital at 8:30a.m.and begin work assignments. At 11:00 a.m. we eat in the hospital cafeteria and have several options: brown bags, Subway, or the cafeteria food. We encourage the students to make healthy selections. After lunch, students participate in curriculum group discussions and current events. Classroom instruction focuses on job related social skills and community safety to enhance student success. Beginning at 12:30 p.m., students return to their work assignments for the afternoon. When we depart on the return bus to Josephine Brighton at 2 p.m., our students leave with a sense of accomplishment.