Life Options-Apartment Living

Life Options

Our classroom provides students with the opportunity to receive on site non-paid work based learning opportunities with local business partners, volunteer opportunities in the community, apartment living at a local apartment rented by the school, navigate the community, explore post school opportunities, and for some students participation in an experiential college program. 


Our WBL partnerships with local businesses create “real world” experiential opportunities for our students to learn, gain, practice, generalize and master soft skills, and specific workplace job tasks and expectations.

We offer a “hands on” daily independent living program that meets the needs of students who hope to someday live on their own, or contribute more at home. In the apartment portion of the class, we focus on daily living skills.  The students are expected to do basic daily hygiene, cook, clean, participate in volunteer work, learn basic budgeting, grocery shop, access recreational opportunities, and practice social and leisure skills.

We partner with PEAC, which stands for Programs to Educate All Cyclists. Students are exposed to alternate modes of transportation, biking and the SMART bus. Our students practice riding around the community safely. They are also taught how to safely ride a bike around the community, follow a bus schedule and take the fixed route SMART BUS. This program provides independent skills needed to transition from home to independent living.

Our college experiential program provides interested students who meet specific expectations a chance to sit in on college courses, work on campus, and experience campus life firsthand.

The Life Options classroom instruction and experiences incompasses a wide range of academic, social, daily independent living, and job readiness skills, which we proudly provide our students.