JoBrighton Skills Center

We maximize our student's
potential, opportunities and
personal excellence.

JoBrighton Skills Center was established in 1973 and services students with moderate cognitive impairments ages 12-18 years and work skills students ages 18-26 years.  Our mission is to educate, prepare and empower our students.  Our vision is to  We believe that all students have the ability to learn and should have access to a differentiated and individualized approach to teaching.  Additionally, we believe in focusing on academics, social skills, community skills and independent living skills and helping our students make a successful transition into the community and adult life.

All of the staff at the JoBrighton Skills Center are very excited to work with both the students and families.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Adrianne Kubicki
Program Administrator

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My mom inspired me to go into Special Education.  She was a Special Education Teacher for many years and I grew up attending Special Olympic events and extracurricular activities.  She was very passionate about her job!  I saw her passion and pursed a career in special education.  I love what I do and I avidly weave our mission and vision through our program to help our students achieve success!! 

Adrianne Kubicki 







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